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The Issues

Healthcare for All

Healthcare is not a privilege but a necessity that every individual deserves, regardless of their socio-economic status. Ensuring healthcare coverage for ALL Arkansans improves public health outcomes, reduces health disparities, and promotes overall well-being. It safeguards individuals and families from the financial burden of catastrophic medical expenses, allowing them to lead healthier and more productive lives. Moreover, a healthy population is more likely to contribute to the economic and social development of a nation. Providing healthcare for all not only reflects a society's commitment to its people's welfare but also leads to stronger, more resilient communities and a fairer, more inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

The Right to Choose

By supporting a woman's right to choose, we uphold the core tenets of freedom, bodily autonomy, and personal privacy. A pro-choice stance ensures that the government does not intrude into the most personal and complex decisions a person can make regarding their reproductive health. It empowers individuals to make choices based on their unique circumstances and beliefs, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all solution. Ultimately, being pro-choice is about respecting the diversity of individual choices and circumstances while keeping government interference to a minimum, which is a fundamental principle of a small government.

Climate Change

Addressing climate change is one of the most critical challenges of our time. The importance of taking swift and comprehensive action cannot be overstated. Climate change poses a severe threat to our planet's ecosystems, biodiversity, and the well-being of current and future generations. Its impacts are already evident, from extreme weather events to rising sea levels and disruptions in agriculture and ecosystems. Failing to tackle climate change jeopardizes not only the environment but also global stability, as it can exacerbate resource scarcity, displacement of populations, and social unrest. This is not a partisan issue.  By mitigating the causes of climate change and adapting to its effects, we can protect our environment, ensure a sustainable future, and create new opportunities for innovation, green technology, and economic growth. 

Social Justice

As your representative in Congress, I am deeply committed to fighting for your civil rights and social justice. My mission is to ensure that every person in our district is treated with respect, equality, and dignity, regardless of their background, race, gender, or any other defining characteristic. I will work tirelessly to advance legislation that protects and enhances civil rights, working to dismantle systemic discrimination and promote inclusion in all aspects of society. Social justice will be at the core of my legislative agenda, advocating for affordable healthcare, quality education, a living wage, and comprehensive criminal justice reform. I will engage in dialogue with our community, listening to your concerns and needs, and together, we will champion policies that foster a more just, equitable, and compassionate society for all. Your civil rights and social justice are my top priorities, and I am honored to be your voice in Congress.

Disability Rights

Rights for people with disabilities are not just a matter of fairness; they are a fundamental component of a just and inclusive society. Upholding the rights of individuals with disabilities is a reflection of our commitment to equality and human dignity. I believe that good policy ensures that every person, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to live a life of autonomy, respect, and full participation in society. These rights encompass access to education, employment, healthcare, transportation, and countless other aspects of daily life. Recognizing and protecting the rights of people with disabilities is not only a moral imperative but also a means of enriching our communities and fostering a more equitable and compassionate world for all.

Raising up Arkansans

Arkansas ranks 47th in healthcare in the US, 43rd in child wellbeing, has 15% higher maternal mortality rate than most states, and is 43rd in education. Arkansans deserve better, and our current leadership isn't helping. Arkansans need someone who will fight for funding, fight for social programs, and will act in the best interest of citizens in District 3. 

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